Meet Our Founder. Rikoh Benjhamin!

Benjhamin Oak was created and developed by Rikoh Benjhamin. He always had an obsession with beauty & skin care. After years of using big name, misleading, and dissapointing lotions and other skincare products Rikoh finally had enough and started developing formulas to use on himself. A few years later after seeing fantastic results Rikoh thought "THIS SH*T REALLY WORKS!" and Benjhamin Oak was born. Everything is handmade, we only use all natural ingredients/preservatives and display EVERY ingredient on our packaging. Each jar handpacked, each ingredient handpicked, each recipe tested & developed all by us. We take pride in providing quality products as well as customer satisfaction. Healthy natural skin care is what we are passionate about, and Benjhamin Oak was created so we could share our passion!